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Monthly Archives: July 2022

Gravel and courtroom to illustrate the concept of legal affairs.

The Rape Shield Law

By Capovilla & Williams |

Servicemembers charged with sexual assault need to know about Military Rule of Evidence 412, known as the Rape Shield Law. Rule 412 is designed to protect the privacy and dignity of victims of sexual assault by ruling evidence about the accuser’s sex life that isn’t strictly relevant to the charged offense inadmissible. Your accuser… Read More »

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Piles Judicial Court Files And Judge Gavel on the desk

Two Hearings: Arraignment and Motions

By Capovilla & Williams |

The court martial is under way. First up: Two pre-trial hearings and the beginning of the discovery phase, where each side shares its evidence with the other and builds its case. We’ll talk about discovery in the next post. In this one, we want to discuss the two pre-trial hearings. The Arraignment Hearing The… Read More »

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