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Client Testimonials

Expert in his craft for sure

I hired Mr. Capovilla after my wife falsely accused me of domestic violence. Mr. Capovilla immediately took action and interviewed the main witnesses in my case including my accuser. He was able to uncover that my accuser was lying and that she exaggerated what happened. When I first hired Mr. Capovilla, I was told that my unit wanted to prosecute me, but thanks to Mr. Capovilla’s hard work, that never happened. I was never charged. Mr. Capovilla is a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer and is always straight up with his Clients.

Mickey stayed in constant communication

Mickey worked with me to prepare a rebuttal for my Promotion Review Board that was necessary due to derogatory information in my file. He and his team prepared a thorough and carefully researched rebuttal that successfully proved that the Guard Recruiting Assistance Program (GRAP) was poorly conceived and managed and that I was innocent and free from fault in order to retain the promotion that I had been twice selected for. It was a long and drawn out process, but Mickey stayed in constant communication with me until it was finally and successfully resolved, adding a welcome personal touch to his legal expertise. Thanks again!

Would give him six stars

I hired Rob after I was accused of sexual assault and a whole bunch of other charges including communicating a threat, which I did not do. I was facing 15 charges all together. My command then through me in confinement and wanted to keep me there until my courts-martial, which could be months and months. I hired Rob because my TDS attorney would not even take my calls and I needed someone to win my pre-trial confinement hearing for me. During the hearing, Rob cross examined my company commander and made him look lost. Rob was able to show that my commander was not being truthful to the military judge when my commander said that he had assigned NCO to look after me all the time. Rob was able to get my commander to admit that he basically was not being honest. Then, Rob cross-examined the witness that said I threatened my commander. Rob was able to show that even that witness did not think my threat was serious and that the witness really did not even clearly hear what I said. The military judge released me from confinement the next day and within 24 hours all of the charges against me were dropped. Rob is the best. He fights hard for his clients and he is an awesome trial attorney. He reminds me of the lawyers we see on TV that seem to just control the entire courtroom. Yes, he’s that good. Hire this guy now before he becomes big time. 5 stars isn’t enough, I’d give Rob 6 stars if I could.

Would definitely hire Mickey again

Mickey rocks. Gets you prepared and does an awesome job. Made my life a lot easier leading up to the hearing and I felt very confident going in because of how much work I knew Mickey put into it along with how much he prepared me. Would definitely hire Mickey again and recommend him to my friends.

This guy works his tail off

I was accused of a very serious crime when I first hired Mr. Capovilla. The Army Times even wrote a story about what I supposedly did. Long story short, there was a tragic accident that led to the death of one of my Soldiers. When I first hired Mr. Capovilla my unit had preferred charges and wanted to send me to a general courts-martial. Over the course of the next 5 months, Mr. Capovilla worked very hard and ultimately convinced my command to drop the charges. I never had to appear in Court and my future is looking much better. Mr. Capovilla is an excellent attorney with an outstanding work ethic. This guy works his tail off for his clients. He’s also very honest and you can trust him with your case. I strongly recommend this man if you’re in trouble.

Outstanding knowledge of the military justice system

I hired Rob and Mickey to represent me on a positive UA for THC that I was given from a 100% unit UA. I knew I had not used THC during block leave and hired both of them to represent me in my case as I was not only facing a trial by Court Martial, but a separation board as well. Rob and Mickey were very thorough through the whole process and guiding me on what was gonna happen. After, fighting through the Court Martial the goverment decided not to go through with it and instead go to the seperation board. At the seperation board Mickey was very direct and defended my innocence digestion and completely destroyed the government’s case against me. After 15 mins of hearing all the evidence and testimony the board decided to retain me in the United States Army. Both Rob and Mickey were outstanding in the knowledge of the military justice system and defended me with ease. I look forward to continue to work with them in any way and highly recommend them to anyone facing UCMJ or military investigations. Thanks Rob and Mickey you guys are awesome!

Attorney Williams prepped all of us for an hour a day for a week

My company was facing a civil suit and the cross examination my executives and partners were going through was intense. Attorney Williams prepped all of us for an hour a day for a week. When the trial finally arrived we were composed, articulate and accurate. No one got rattled, forgetful or angry. We won that case. Which I attribute to a great degree to Mr. Williams. His litigation skills and the ability to get his clients ready for court.

This attorney cares

Mr. Capovilla was honest and upfront with me from the beginning. He helped me understand the process that I was facing. We decided to hire him, but we only had a few days before our deadline came due. Mr. Capovilla and his team worked hard all weekend, stayed in constant contact with us, and he turned out a great work product. This man really cares about his clients. I trust him!

Mickey is very professional and was the best money I spent

I don’t know where to begin but saying thank you for everything you have done for me. I have been in the army 8 years and there were false statements being made about me. I hired Mickey to help take the attention off of me. Whenever I needed Mickey to answer something or had any questions for him he was always got back to me. Mickey is very professional and was the best money I spent if your looking for someone that is well in your interest hire Mickey and you won’t go wrong. I had so many questions the first time we talked and he stayed on the phone with me for almost 2 hours making sure I was good and I under stood what was going on. He told me all the steps I needed to take and I followed them and now I am out of the army with an honorable discharge. I can live my life without worry anymore.

Robert took care of my family

When my husband and I hired Robert we were hoping to find an attorney dedicated to our fight and our cause. This was an extremely stressful situation for my husband and I. We were faced with losing his retirement after 18 years of service. Robert worked hard from day one and we trusted him 100 percent. He was honest with my husband and I and he cared about our wellbeing. In trial, this man is a complete fighter and a winner. He is a bulldog. His closing statement was awesome. Now I can finally breath and our family can move on with a bright future. I highly endorse this attorney and I am grateful that we found him. You cannot do better.

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