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Assault & Aggravated Assault

US v. E-4


Fort Lee, Virginia

SPC is accused of assaulting a fellow Soldier during Advanced Individual Training. The SPC is one week away from graduating and his unit informs the SPC that he may be separated from the United States Army. The SPC hires Robert Capovilla to represent him. The first thing Mr. Capovilla does is interview the witnesses to …

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U.S. v. E-4, United States Army

Aggravated Assault, Disorderly Conduct, and Communicating a Threat

Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)

The Government accuses Specialist (SPC) of negligently shooting his battle buddy with a hand gun through the chest. The SPC is also accused of threatening his command, drunk and disorderly conduct, and failing to register his weapon on-post. The SPC decides to plead guilty to several of the offenses, but does not want a Bad …

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U.S. v. E-7, United States Army

Aggravated Assault

Vicenza, Italy

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Sergeant First Class with 18 years of service is accused of aggravated assault, the attempted strangulation of his wife and the aggravated assault of his daughter as well as other alleged physical assaults. The Government prefers charges against the Sergeant First Class which are later referred to a General Court Martial. Client faces a potential […]


NO DISCHARGE, and client is allowed to RETIRE. Other minimal punishment.

U.S. v. E-3, Marine Air Station

Maltreatment, Hazing, Assault, and Obstruction of Justice

Iwakuni, Japan

Lance Corporal is charged with one charge and two specifications of Violating a Lawful General Order in violation of Article 92, UCMJ; one charge and two specifications of Maltreatment, in violation of Article 93, UCMJ; one charge and five specifications of Assault Consummated by a Battery, in violation of Article 128, UCMJ; and one charge …

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