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Would give him six stars

I hired Rob after I was accused of sexual assault and a whole bunch of other charges including communicating a threat, which I did not do. I was facing 15 charges all together. My command then through me in confinement and wanted to keep me there until my courts-martial, which could be months and months. I hired Rob because my TDS attorney would not even take my calls and I needed someone to win my pre-trial confinement hearing for me. During the hearing, Rob cross examined my company commander and made him look lost. Rob was able to show that my commander was not being truthful to the military judge when my commander said that he had assigned NCO to look after me all the time. Rob was able to get my commander to admit that he basically was not being honest. Then, Rob cross-examined the witness that said I threatened my commander. Rob was able to show that even that witness did not think my threat was serious and that the witness really did not even clearly hear what I said. The military judge released me from confinement the next day and within 24 hours all of the charges against me were dropped. Rob is the best. He fights hard for his clients and he is an awesome trial attorney. He reminds me of the lawyers we see on TV that seem to just control the entire courtroom. Yes, he’s that good. Hire this guy now before he becomes big time. 5 stars isn’t enough, I’d give Rob 6 stars if I could.

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