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How to Cross Examine Witnesses in a Sexual Assault Case

You and your attorney are sitting in court. The judge is behind his bench. The jury is in their box. The prosecutor is sitting no more than 10 feet away from you hellbent on sending you to jail. Then the moment comes, your accuser, the complaining witness, takes the stand. Does your attorney know how cross examine him/her? Does your attorney know what do if she starts to cry? What if she changes her story on the stand? Will your attorney be able to capitalize on the lies she has told about you? Trial is battle and battle can be chaotic. Make sure you have a trial team ready to handle the fight. In this video Mickey and Robert discuss how to effectively cross examine witnesses in a sexual assault case and why it is so important to execute when all the pressure is on. If you are facing sexual assault allegations call us today. We can help.

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