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As part of a Department of Defense (DoD)-led effort to update military bases with names unaffiliated with the Confederacy, Fort Rucker in Dale County, AL, is now Fort Novosel (as of April 10, 2023).

The Fort Rucker name alluded to Confederate Colonel Edmund Rucker, who lost an arm while fighting in General Nathan Bedford Forest’s Cavalry Corps and led brigades of his own. The DoD deemed it more fitting to rename Fort Rucker to Fort Novosel, honoring a man with no ties to the Confederate States Army.

Michael Novosel flew a B-29 bomber in World War II, then enlisted in the Army to serve in the Vietnam War. A helicopter pilot, Novosel served multiple tours in Vietnam. He received the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and several other honors.

In one memorable mission, Novosel saved 29 South Vietnamese military members on a rescue mission under heavy enemy fire. This heroism led the DoD to rename Fort Rucker as Fort Novosel.

About Fort Novosel 

The Army Aviation Warfighting Center at Fort Novosel is the headquarters of Army Aviation. Spanning approximately 63,000 acres of an area known as the Wiregrass, Fort Novosel is the training, development, and deployment grounds for Army pilots and related service members.

Just above 5,000 military members call Fort Novosel home at any given time, as do more than 10,000 civilian employees and more than 5,000 military family members. It is a massive base that functions as its own city.

Facing Criminal Charges While Serving at Fort Novosel? Hire an Experienced Military Defense Lawyer 

Servicemembers stationed at Fort Novosel (formerly Fort Rucker) sometimes face allegations of criminal behavior. If this happens to you or a loved one, rely on attorneys with extensive legal experience, a deep understanding of military and criminal procedures, and a passion for serving members of the Army Air Corps.

Capovilla & Williams was founded by two former JAG officers. We are former service members and trained attorneys who represent those accused of:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • Assault
  • Positive Urinalysis
  • BAH Fraud
  • Travel Voucher Fraud
  • Other criminal offense

We’re familiar with Fort Novosel. We’re also familiar with Army adjudication procedures and criminal adjudication procedures. Let our capable legal team resolve your case, relieving the immense pressure you’re currently under.

Call The Veteran-Attorneys at Capovilla & Williams Today for a Free Consultation 

Do not wait to retain our legal team. We’re military lawyers with a work ethic reflecting our service background, so we want to start building your defense today.

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