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Fort Rucker, Alabama Military Lawyers 

The Army’s Aviation Center of Excellence operates from Fort Rucker, a 63,000-acre installation in southeast Alabama. Considered Army Aviation headquarters, Fort Rucker is where the Army trains its aviation force in preparation for deployment worldwide. Aircraft maintenance, logistics, and leadership training are part of Fort Rucker’s mission, and Army aviators receive their flight training here. The installation also hosts various Army tenants not specifically related to pilot training, such as Warrant Officer Career College, the Combat Readiness Center, the Aeromedical Research Laboratory, and the Air Traffic Services Command.

It’s clear that Fort Rucker offers service members lots of leadership and development potential — bright military careers take off here, literally and figuratively. But career starts and advancement aspirations can go sideways when a service member of any rank becomes the target of a criminal investigation, is issued a GOMOR or faces court-martial. Though any of those developments may be cause for alarm, they don’t necessarily signal the end of your service or your advancement potential – especially if you secure an expert military defense lawyer to champion your case. Capovilla & Williams, one of the most experienced military defense law firms serving Fort Rucker, is that champion.

The accomplished attorneys at Capovilla & Williams are court-martial defense specialists who’ve defended hundreds of service members across the DoD against accusations of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and drug-related offenses. We also routinely handle administrative matters such as GOMOR, AR 15-6, and OER/NCOER rebuttals and representation before separation boards. When you hire our firm, you get a team full of experts ready to fight for you today.

Courts-Martial and Investigations at Fort Rucker

As a sizable Army installation, Fort Rucker sees a high volume of court-martials and military police investigations each year. With high volume comes the potential for investigations to be rushed through by an overburdened system. Seeking more attentive and individualized representation, enlisted service members, NCOs, and officers of all ranks at Fort Rucker hire Capovilla & Williams defense lawyers to represent them.

In Capovilla & Williams, service members get court-martial defense experts who concentrate on mounting the best defense for their clients. Our accomplished attorneys also represent service members accused of being AWOL, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey orders, among other charges.

Experienced Fort Rucker Military Criminal Defense Attorney

At Capovilla & Williams, our mission is to protect your rights, uncover what happened, and defend you. Our independent investigators have plenty of experience uncovering the facts in military cases – facts favorable to you that the military investigator may have missed … facts that might even contradict the narrative that’s been constructed around the alleged offense. We don’t bend to your command or unit leadership’s preconceptions because we don’t answer to that chain of command.

Our military justice attorneys have years of experience as Army prosecutors and defense attorneys. We understand how the Army conducts investigations and court-martials, and we’re there to protect your rights and ensure the military treats you fairly.

Our skilled military defense team has represented hundreds of clients falsely accused of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, fraud, theft, military drug crimes, and more. If you’re facing a court-martial, an investigation, or a disciplinary matter, we can help. For a free, confidential consultation with an accomplished Capovilla & Williams military attorney, call our office today at 404-496-7674 or contact us online.

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