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United States Military Academy (West Point), New York Military Lawyers 

Renowned for developing cadets into Army officers, the US Military Academy’s stated mission is to prepare each graduate to be “a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence.” Those are well-stated goals for cadets – ones that are fully expected to be modeled by the active-duty military leaders stationed at West Point.

However, for those trusted with developing graduates into leaders, one slight misstep or false accusation can place a reputable record in jeopardy. Handled poorly, an investigation can lead to disciplinary action or court-martial, with lasting effects on an established and dedicated service member’s character and future. If you are under investigation or facing charges of misconduct while serving at West Point, seek and retain the very best military lawyer possible to protect your legal rights.

Courts-Martial and Investigations at West Point

Capovilla & Williams is one of the largest and most experienced military defense law firms serving West Point. Military personnel of all ranks at West Point can hire our attorneys to defend them in courts-martial and to provide representation in administrative matters or before separation boards. We routinely and expertly defend military personnel across the world in cases involving domestic violence, fraudulent activity, larceny, sexual misconduct, and all manner of drug charges, including sale and possession and positive urinalysis. We also represent those charged with failing to follow orders, being absent without leave, or engaging in disorderly conduct.

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorneys

Capovilla & Williams lawyers are former JAG attorneys, combat veterans, and experienced military defense attorneys. We understand military culture. We’ve navigated the military justice system. We know how those investigations are conducted. Our extensive background in military justice thoroughly equips us to prepare a strong defense to protect your record and reputation while helping you to move forward in your life.

Our team has successfully defended hundreds of clients accused of serious misconduct or criminal offenses.  Let us bring that experience and track record to bear on your court-martial proceeding or military investigation. To speak with an accomplished military defense attorney in complete confidence, call Capovilla & Williams at 404-496-7674 or contact us online.

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