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US v. E-1

October 16, 2019

Fort Campbell, KY

Private (PVT) is accused of sexual assault when he and a friend bring two girls back to the barracks for drinks and a movie. It is alleged that PVT took the accuser back to his room and forced her to have sex with him and recorded it on his cellphone via Snapchat. PVT retains Mickey Williams to represent him. Mr. Williams, after discussing the case with PVT, begins investigating the case. Mr. Williams discovers that the accuser is the daughter of a retired non-commissioned officer who is the person who brought her to the police station to make the complaint. Mr. Williams interviews the girl who went to the barracks who states that she seemed fine after the alleged assault and was flirting with PVT up and until she left to go to his room.  Mr. Williams discovers the Snapchat videos that clearly prove that the sex was absolutely consensual. The evidence supports that the accuser was embarrassed that her father and others might find out that she had sex in the barracks with a soldier so she made the allegation to protect her reputation. Mr. Williams presents these facts to the prosecutors and the command who later decide to take the following action.

Case Result


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