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United States Army Reserve

March 13, 2020

East Point, Georgia

Captain (CPT) is accused of sexual harassment and conduct unbecoming an officer when he was sent on temporary duty to Japan and was accompanied by a female interpreter who later claimed that the CPT made lewd comments and asked inappropriate questions of her regarding Japanese culture. CPT denies all allegations and further states that the interpreter is misrepresenting the conversation they shared. The Command initiates separation against CPT who elects to have a Show Cause Board. Mickey Williams begins working on CPT’s case. Mr. Williams locates the witnesses who were present during the conversation who either do not remember it or state that nothing that the interpreter claims was said was said. Mr. Williams also learns that the interpreter has made similar allegations against others in the past. Finally, Mr. Williams compiles a list of character witnesses who vouch for the CPT’s character for truthfulness, viability for future service, and good conduct. Mr. Williams litigates and presents CPT’s case to the board

Case Result


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