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U.S. v. M.D, (E-6)

June 24, 2019

Jacksonville Naval Base, Florida

M.D. hires Mickey Williams to represent him before an administrative separation hearing for charges of failure to follow DoD orders regarding sexual harassment (Art. 92), sexual harassment of subordinate, assault (Art. 128), and sexual assault (Art. 120). The Navy takes actions to prevent M.D. from hiring the civilian counsel of his choice by refusing to grant a reasonable delay to afford him the benefit of private legal counsel. Mr. Williams files an Article 138 injunction against the command. The continuance is granted. After a full hearing, lasting one full day, administrative separation board unanimously finds all charges unfounded and determine that M.D. did not sexually assault anyone.

Sailor fully retained in service and returned to full duty status. No Separation. No NJP.

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