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U.S. v. E-7, United States Air Force

February 19, 2019

Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

MSgt (E-7) is accused of importing steroids, illegally possessing prescription diet pills, battering, threatening and sexually assaulting his spouse. Three years earlier, spouse suspects husband of having an affair and begins collecting evidence to gain leverage over him in divorce proceedings. Spouse places baby monitors in various rooms of the house and records all conversations accused has.  Additionally, spouse secretly records husband and her arguing to include the alleged assault and threats. Spouse also secretly takes pictures of the MSgt apparently using steroids. During divorce proceedings, spouse threatens to disclose all evidence unless MSgt agrees to the divorce settlement. MSgt agrees. Three years later, MSgt is under investigation for “doctor shopping” for prescription diet pills. During the investigation, OSI interviews MSgt’s former spouse who turns over all evidence that she collected three years earlier; however, she makes an additional allegation of sexual assault. Spouse is unable to articulate how many times the sexual assaults occurred, but does detail at least one event.  Once notified of the allegation of sexual assault, MSgt retains Mr. Mickey Williams. Mr. Williams immediately begins reviewing the evidence and interviewing witnesses.  All witnesses state that MSgt is a great Airman with no known history of violence. None of the evidence reviewed indicate that there ever was a sexual assault.  Williams attempts to interview the spouse who refuses to participate, although she cooperates with the Government and OSI over and over. At trial, Mr. Williams is able to demonstrate how implausible the spouse’s sexual assault allegation is.  There were no recordings, pictures, or even complaints about any sexual misconduct prior to OSI interviewing the spouse. Additionally, Williams is able to keep out various other allegations of misconduct the client allegedly commits while married to spouse to include a DUI arrest that occurred a week before trial.

Case Result

NOT GUILTY of Sexual Assault. NO Sex Offender Registration. Only minimal punishment for other charged offenses.

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