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U.S. v. E-7, United States Air Force

July 25, 2018

Ramstein, Germany

Master Sergeant is a 17-year veteran of the United States Air Force with an impeccable record. During a squadron BBQ held at a fellow NCO’s home, Master Sergeant is accused by two women of touching them in a sexual manner on private areas of their body in front of several eyewitnesses. Master Sergeant is removed from his leadership position, FLAGGED, reduced in rank at an Article 15 hearing, and otherwise treated by his chain of command as a guilty man before he ever has the ability to defend himself. Master Sergeant retains Mr. Robert Capovilla to represent him. At the separation board, Mr. Capovilla aggressively but very precisely cross-examines both complaining witnesses. Capovilla elicits testimony proving that the two women dislike the client’s wife, colluded together to accuse our client, and that their stories changed several times in many different ways. Mr. Capovilla reveals how the case is riddled with inconsistent statements, falsehoods, and facts that defied common sense. He illustrates for the panel how the OSI report is completely biased and lacks credibility. Additionally, Capovilla successfully discredits our client’s own Commander by uncovering evidence that the Commander believes that all Airman “accused” of sexual assault “should be punished to the fullest extent” under the law. As a result, the board, after just an hour of deliberation, determines that our client DID NOT sexually assault either complaining witness.

Case Result

Client is RETAINED. Client expecting to FULLY RETIRE with ALL benefits.

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