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U.S. v. E-6

August 2, 2020

Norfolk Naval Station, VA

2 August 2020. E-6 client is accused of sexual assault by a friend of his in the unit. The E-6 hires Capovilla & Williams to conduct a pretrial investigation into the allegations. Within 10 days, Robert Capovilla and Mickey Williams speak to six witnesses who were there the day of the alleged assault. Each witness states that the accuser flirted with the client, kissed him, danced with him, and gave all indications that she was interested in sex. Robert and Mickey also find out that the accuser only made the allegations after her boyfriend discovered that she stayed the night at the client’s house. Robert and Mickey learn that the accuser’s boyfriend threatened to breakup with her for cheating, and that’s when she made the allegation. Robert contacts the unit prosecutor and informs them of his firm’s findings. The unit is not preferring charges and no action is being taken against the client.

Case Result

NO charges. Case DROPPED. NO jailtime. NO sex offender registration.

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