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U.S. v. E-5

August 15, 2020

Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina

15 August 2020. The client was a member of the Security Forces Squadron. While attending TDY in the Florida Keys, a female member of his unit accuses him of sexual assault. The SSgt hires Capovilla & Williams to represent him and to ensure that his rights are protected. After conducting a year-long investigation, the SSgt is charged with sexual assault. The Government alleges that the SSgt took advantage of an incompetent younger airmen. The trial lasts for four days. During the trial, Robert Capovilla is able to show the jury that the accuser had cheated on her husband about 90 days before the trip with another airmen from her unit, and that she was lying about her affair with the SSgt to save her marriage. Mr. Capovilla successfully argues that the last thing the accuser wanted to do was admit to her husband that she cheated on him again, especially after all the energy the accuser and her husband put into the marriage to build back up the trust. Mr. Capovilla successfully cross-examines six witnesses, including the accuser and the Government’s expert witness, who testifies about the impact trauma has upon the brain’s memory function.

Case Result

Full ACQUITTAL. Not GUILTY of all charges. NO jail time. NO sex-offender registration.

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