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U.S. v. E-1

October 16, 2017

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Private is accused of molesting his 6 year-old stepdaughter after she tells a bizarre story to her mother about her stepfather Private “checking her temperature in her bottom” with his finger. She further alleges that he gave her a “white oval pill,” placed a towel over her head, and put a sleep mask on her face before committing the act. Private is charged with rape of a child under Article 120 and faces maximum punishment of life confinement. Private retains Mr. Williams. Mr. Williams files a motion to exclude certain inflammatory evidence the Government intends to submit at trial which Williams argued was misleading to the jury. The Court grants the majority of Williams’ motion, significantly undermining the Government’s case. At trial, Williams cross-examines the Mother who is impeached with a significant prior inconsistent statement she made concerning her daughter’s behavior the night the incident allegedly occurred. The Government is unable to rehabilitate her credibility. Additionally, Mr. Williams persuades the Court to sustain objections to much of the Government’s evidence leaving them with little more than the original accusation to support their theory of the case. Twenty minutes after the Court closes for deliberations, it reopens and announces the verdict.

Case Result

FULL ACQUITTAL, NOT GUILTY of Rape of a Child. NO Confinement, NO Federal Conviction, NO Sex Offender Registration.

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