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U.S. v. CDT, United States Military Academy (USMA)

April 10, 2019

West Point, New York

Cadet (CDT) is accused of sexually assaulting another CDT in her dorm room. USMA launches an investigation and determines that there is probable cause to go to trial. CDT proclaims his innocence and even subjects himself to a polygraph examination. USMA prefers charges against CDT and he immediately retains Mr. Mickey Williams to defend him against the allegation. Mr. Mickey Williams begins reviewing the evidence and interviewing witnesses. Williams discovers that the accuser was in another relationship during the alleged assault. Additionally, Williams uncovers numerous incidents where the accuser flirted and even initiated sexual communications via Snapchat with the CDT. It becomes clear to Mr. Williams that the accuser is lying about the allegation in order to protect her relationship with her boyfriend. Williams presents this evidence to the prosecution who later dismisses the case only to later re-prefer additional charges with an additional accuser. Mr. Williams understands that the Government is attempting to bolster their incredibly weak case with a fresh allegation from a new accuser. Williams again investigates the new allegation and learns that the new accuser lied to law enforcement and deleted highly relevant text messages between her and the CDT. Text messages that show she invited the CDT to her room the night of the allegation. Additionally, Mr. Williams finds sexually provocative photographs that the new accuser texted to the CDT.  Additionally, Williams finds witnesses who will testify that during the night in question, the new accuser was seducing the accused by rubbing his inner thigh, whispering in his ear, and even pressing against him.  Mr. Williams files several motions detailing these incidents which the Government was completely unaware of.

Case Result

Case DISMISSED, NO CONVICTION, NO Sex Offender Registration, NO Confinement.

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