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U.S. v. O-1

March 5, 2018

Randolph Air Force Base, Texas

Second Lieutenant in Flight School is accused of conduct unbecoming an officer, indecent language, fraternization, stolen valor, and various ethical violations under the Code of Federal Regulations. 2Lt is alleged to have numerous YouTube videos where he could be viewed wearing his Air Force uniform, a patch he was not entitled to wear, drinking alcohol and using vulgar and obscene language. Additionally, 2Lt was accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with an enlisted crew member and that he solicited the sale of his issued military equipment. Command immediately initiates an investigation and removes 2Lt from flight school. 2Lt retains Mr. Mickey Williams. Mr. Mickey Williams investigates the evidence purportedly gathered against the client. Williams engages the OSJA and begins communications with the Command and Staff Judge Advocate. Williams points out problems with the evidence and the sloppy investigation that was conducted. Williams advocates for his client’s innocence and the mitigating circumstances and persuades the Command from pursuing federal charges

Case Result

Case DISMISSED. NO Court-Martial, NO Article 15, NO Federal Conviction. Client allowed to continue Flight School.

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