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Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Disenrollment

August 21, 2019

Florida A&M University

Midshipman joined the NROTC program with the hopes of becoming a Marine Officer. Marine excelled in school and exceeded all Naval physical requirements. Eventually, however, Midshipman suffers an injury that requires him to take a break from the program. During the break, Midshipman becomes depressed and begins to seek mental health treatment. The treatment fails to remedy Midshipman’s depression, Sadly, Midshipman attempts to take his own life. Eventually, Midshipman returns to NROTC and again suffers a suicidal ideation. NROTC then moves to disenroll Midshipman from the program and require him to pay back all of his educational assistance exceeding $50,000. Midshipman retains Mickey Williams to contest the fees. Mr. Williams then gathers all of the Midshipman’s medical records, interviews his doctors, supervisors and colleagues. Mr. Williams then drafts and submits a brief and attaches to it all the evidence supporting their  argument that Midshipman was an outstanding candidate and should not be required to pay back money for a mental health condition beyond his control.

Case Result

Midshipman not required to pay back any money.

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