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U.S. v. E-4, United States Army

June 18, 2018

Fort Benning, Georgia

Specialist had been serving for four years and had never before been in trouble for any type of misconduct. Despite this fact, the Specialist was pulled from her unit and told to report to her company Headquarters where MPI was waiting with supposedly incriminating information. MPI informs the Specialist that she was under investigation for stealing thousands of dollars from her ex-roommate and stealing her ex-roommate’s identity. Moreover, Specialist is informed that she would be removed from her job, flagged, barred from promotion, and likely court-martialed. Specialist retains Mr. Robert Capovilla to represent her. Mr. Capovilla immediately went to work to find out the truth in her case. After a thorough investigation and several conference calls with our client, Mr. Capovilla discovers that the client’s identity had actually been stolen and that someone had opened up several fraudulent accounts in her name. Capovilla presents this information to both the Command and to law enforcement. Upon discovering this new information, law enforcement drops the case and client is found not guilty of any serious offenses during an Article 15 hearing. After hearing the full story and reviewing the evidence elicited by Capovilla, the Commander decides to suspend any remaining punishment and allow our client to continue with the unit, eventually restoring her place within the company.

Case Result

NO Court-Martial, NO Federal Conviction, and NO Separation Board. Client is back at work, hoping to obtain a slot to Airborne School in the spring.

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