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U.S. v. E-4, United States Army

May 2, 2019

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Army Specialist is under investigation for 6 months for allegedly video recording a female in the act of consensual sex. The Specialists command informs him that they will court-martial him before his ETS date. The Specialist hires Robert Capovilla to represent him. The first thing Mr. Capovilla does is assign one of the firms investigators to find out what really happened in this case. After speaking with 8 different witnesses, Mr. Capovilla finds out that the Government’s case is weak and that they don’t have a good reason to extend the Specialist beyond his ETS date. After several different conversations with the military prosecutor, the military decides to drop the case against the Specialist, lift his FLAG, and allow him to ETS without court-martialing him or separating him.

Case Result

No court-martial. No jail time. No Article 15. All charges dropped. No reduction in rank. The Specialist will leave the Army with an honorable discharge.

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