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United States Coast Guard

April 27, 2019

Coast Guard Headquarters, District of Columbia

Coast Guard Sailor with 17 years of combined federal service is accused of raping his wife, assaulting his children, adultery and sexually assaulting another Sailor. Nathan Freeburg works tirelessly to expose the wife’s lies as well as her motive to fabricate, which was her attempts at gaining full custody of their child. Following Freeburg’s inquiries with the Government, and during his investigation into the case, the Coast Guard elects instead to pursue a separation board instead of a court-martial. An extremely biased separation board votes to separate the Sailor. However, Mr. Freeburg refuses to call it quits and instead prepares and submits a memorandum of deficiency showing the legal problems with the board and concerns about the CGIS investigation that was conducted on his client. As a response, the Coast Guard drops the separation action.

Case Result

FULL RETENTION, NO DISCHARGE, and NO Federal Conviction from a Court-Martial.

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