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Randolph Air Force Base, Texas Military Lawyers 

The legal team at Capovilla & Williams is committed to defending Randolph AFB service members facing disciplinary measures, courts-martial, separation boards, and more. Our attorneys are former military prosecutors and defense attorneys whose knowledge of the Uniform Code of Military Justice enables them to build a strong defense for clients who need to protect their careers, freedom, relationships, and reputations. Whether you face serious allegations that can lead to court-martial or you need representation before an administrative separation board, the military defense lawyers at Capovilla & Williams can get your case moving today.

Court Martials and Investigations at Randolph AFB

Enlisted service members, NCOs, and officers of all ranks at Randolph AFB have a legal team they can trust in Capovilla & Williams.  Sexual assault, theft, domestic violence, harassment, and drug charges make up a large percentage of our firm’s caseload, but we also represent service members accused of being AWOL, engaging in disorderly conduct, failing to obey orders, and other charges.

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorney

At Capovilla & Williams, we strive to uncover what happened and use that knowledge to strengthen your defense. Often we’ll hire our own independent investigators to unearth facts that aid your case — details that the military investigator’s report might not have identified or included in their reports.  We’re far more concerned with your reputation than that of your unit or your command. Your ultimate exoneration is our goal.

Your military record and reputation may suffer long-lasting repercussions from disciplinary action or court-martial. A skilled defense team can minimize or eliminate damage to your career and good name. The attorneys at Capovilla & Williams have represented hundreds of clients accused of minor to major criminal offenses as well as misconduct specifically defined by the U.S. armed forces.  If serious allegations have been leveled against you, don’t leave your future in the hands of assigned counsel or a less experienced team.  Call 404-496-7674 or contact us online to talk to an expert at Capovilla & Williams today.

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