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ROTC Disenrollment Boards

Disenrollment can be devastating.

ROTC and Academy cadets may be “disenrolled,” or removed from service if the command believes that the cadet committed misconduct or otherwise failed to uphold the honor code. Each military branch of service and department has a different way of handling disenrollment. However, one thing is certain – disenrollment can have a devastating impact on your financial and professional future.

In all cases, the cadet is investigated and can challenge his or her disenrollment through restricted hearing procedures. For Academy cadets charged with honor code violations, it is normal for a hearing to be held before an Honor Board.
In addition to destroying a cadet’s prospects for serving as a commissioned officer, involuntary disenrollment can cause extremely harsh financial consequences.

What can your cadet be required to do?

In many cases, disenrolled cadets may be required to reimburse the government for any tuition and scholarships they received. Other consequences can include:

  • Education Repayments: For Academy cadets, repayment claims can range from $35,000 to more than $100,000. For ROTC cadets, repayment depends on whether the cadet received a scholarship.

  • Compulsory military service: ROTC cadets who received scholarships may also be required to perform two years of active military duty. Non-scholarship ROTC cadets must almost always perform two years of active duty service.

If you or your child is under investigation or facing disenrollment, do not try to navigate the waters alone. We have successfully represented dozens of cadets and most of us served in ROTC prior to commissioning. We understand the process, the culture, and we know what it takes to keep your son or daughter enrolled and moving toward a successful military career.

Disenrollment is complex.

The disenrollment process is complex, and the policies and procedures are convoluted. In fact, many ROTC officials do not fully understand their own procedures. We see ROTC programs attempt to kick a cadet out when a cadet fails to meet physical fitness or weight control requirements or fails to maintain a high enough GPA without affording cadets proper due process. We see ROTC commands ignore the basic regulations such as Army Regulation 145-1, Navy Service Training Command Instruction 1533.2A, and Air Force ROTC Instruction 36-2011. We are here to help ensure that this does not happen to your son or daughter; we are here to ensure that your child’s due-process rights are upheld and defended.

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