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Capovilla & Williams is one of Fort Carson’s largest and most experienced military defense law firms. The Attorneys at our firm specialize in courts-martial defense including sexual assault, domestic violence, and all drug related offenses. We also provide representation on an array of administrative matters including GOMOR and AR 15-6 rebuttals, OER and NCOER rebuttals, and all administrative separation boards. Hire our firm to get a team full of experts ready to fight your case today.  

Court Martials and Investigations at Fort Carson 

Because Fort Carson is a fairly large Army post, CID and base commanders often have a high number of open criminal investigations. Because of this workload, soldiers accused of misconduct at Fort Carson may find themselves rushed through investigations and disciplinary procedures. As a result, if you find yourself the subject of an investigation, you need an experienced military criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and ensure investigators treat you fairly. 

Defending Misconduct Allegations at Fort Carson 

When we’re accused of something unfairly, often our first instinct is to try to explain and to make people understand that they’re wrong about us. But you shouldn’t try to talk your way out of an investigation with CID or your chain of command. Investigations and procedures under the Uniform Code of Military Justice vary widely from the civilian criminal justice system. You need a military defense attorney who understands the UCMJ and can protect your rights appropriately. 

Hire a Team That Understands the Military 

At Capovilla & Williams, we are part of a proud military tradition. Our legal team consists of former JAG attorneys, combat veterans, and experienced military defense attorneys. We know the Army, military culture, and the UCMJ because we’ve lived it too, just like you. Most importantly, we understand how military investigators and JAG attorneys approach investigations. This experience allows us to guide you through the process, protecting your liberty, career, and reputation. 

Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients falsely accused of crimes or misconduct in the military throughout the years, including theft, drug charges, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, fraud, and more. We can help you too. Give us a call at 855-442-5653 or contact us online.

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