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Lackland Air Force Base, Texas Military Lawyers 

As the sole Air Force site for enlisted basic military training, Lackland AFB has a strong reputation as a proving ground for patriots. It’s common that respectable AF careers get launched here. And it can be alarming if allegations of misconduct or wrongdoing leveled at you here threaten to sabotage that career. Quick action in securing a skilled defense team is important when facing reprimands, court-martial, or other disciplinary action.

Capovilla & Williams, one of the most experienced military defense law firms to serve Lackland, can help. Our legal team concentrates in court-martial defense, including drug-related offenses, assault, domestic violence, sex-related crimes, and more. We also represent service members of all ranks as they go before administrative separation boards or appeal for better characterization of service before discharge. Whether you face serious allegations or minor charges, our team of military defense experts is prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with you today.

Courts-Martial and Investigations at Lackland AFB

Enlisted service members, NCOs, and officers of all ranks at Lackland AFB hire the military defense attorneys of Capovilla & Williams to represent them. Our cases range from accusations of fraud, harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, theft, and drug charges, including sale and possession and positive urinalysis. At Capovilla & Williams, we also represent service members accused of being AWOL, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey orders, among other charges.

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our law firm’s experienced military team knows how the Air Force investigates charges, and we’re not influenced by what your commander thinks has happened. We’re also not subject to your chain of command, so we’re determined to bring to light even those truths that might not reflect well on your accusers. To that end, we often engage our own independent investigators who work hard to discover important facts surrounding our clients’ cases. Our mission is to protect your rights, uncover what happened, and defend you. With years of experience as military prosecutors and defense attorneys, our seasoned team aims to ensure the military treats you fairly and doesn’t overcharge you.

Hundreds of clients across the DoD have retained Robert Capovilla & Mickey Williams to fight false accusations, from minor misconduct to the most serious felonies.  Whether you face a court-martial or an active investigation, we work to ensure fair treatment and to preserve your reputation. For a free and confidential consultation, call Capovilla & Williams at 404-496-7674 or contact us online.

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