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Hurlburt Field, Florida Military Lawyers 

Capovilla & Williams attorneys apply strong experience in military law to defend service members of all levels in courts-martial cases and administrative matters. We’ve represented hundreds of clients throughout the DoD, fighting allegations of sexual misconduct, drug possession, domestic violence, fraud, DUI, larceny, and other offenses. Our attorneys also argue the necessary points most likely to produce positive outcomes in separation boards and other administrative matters you may face. If you’re based at Hurlburt Field and looking for a team to champion your case, contact the military attorneys at Capovilla & Williams. 

Courts-Martials and Investigations at Hurlburt Field

The military defense attorneys of Capovilla & Williams are available to represent enlisted service members, noncomms, and officers at all levels at Hurlburt Field. Our cases range from accusations of harassment, sexual assault, or domestic violence to theft, fraud, and drug-related offenses, including the sale and possession of controlled substances and positive urinalysis. If you’ve been accused of leave violations, failure to obey orders, or disorderly conduct, our legal team has extensive experience with those case types too.

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorneys

Capovilla & Williams regularly employs independent investigators to uncover the facts behind accusations leveled at our military clients – facts that don’t always match the narrative that the military’s investigators have created. Our lawyers have years of experience as military prosecutors and defense counsel in the JAG Corps, so we understand how military investigations are conducted and how military justice works. We understand military culture but live outside it, so we’re not intimidated by power or swayed by the preconceptions of your command or unit leaders. We aim to uncover what happened and give you the best opportunity for a positive result.

Hundreds of clients facing a court-martial, an investigation, or a disciplinary matter have turned to our accomplished military defense team for help. If you’ve been falsely accused of misconduct, harassment, fraud, theft, a drug-related offense, assault, or violence, or are simply seeking to put a difficult matter behind you, contact us online or call our office today at 404-496-7674. Your initial consultation with one of our experienced military defense attorneys is free and all information discussed in kept strictly confidential.

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