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Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina Military Lawyers 

Shaw AFB, near Sumter, South Carolina, serves as the 9th Air Force headquarters and is home to the 20th Fighter Wing. Shaw hosts the nation’s largest combat F-16 fighting wing, where enlisted, NCOs, and officers of all ranks work together to keep 80 F-16 Viper aircraft combat-ready.

Whether launching a career at Shaw or gaining leadership experience there, it can be devastating to suddenly face an allegation of criminal activity or misconduct. It’s important and urgent that you take certain steps to protect your reputation and career.

Courts-Martial and Investigations at Shaw AFB

Capovilla & Williams is one of the most experienced military defense law firms serving Shaw AFB, has dedicated lawyers to advise you and plan your course of action. Our attorneys are courts-martial defense specialists who’ve collectively represented hundreds of service members across the States against charges of sexual assault, domestic violence, and more. We also fight drug-related offenses (sale, possession, and positive urinalysis) and provide representation in separation boards and ROTC disenrollment proceedings. With Capovilla & Williams, you get a team full of experts well-equipped to defend your case without delay.

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorneys

The seasoned military defense lawyers of Capovilla & Williams have backgrounds in the service, many of us serving as JAG attorneys and military prosecutors. We know how investigations are conducted at Shaw, and we know how to attack evidence that military investigations unearth. What’s more, at Capovilla & Williams, we almost always enlist our own independent investigators to delve deeper and uncover facts that can aid us in your defense. We’re not operating within a chain of command with alliances or motives that can muddy the fact-finding. We aim to uncover the truth, secure your fair treatment, and exonerate you.

Don’t delay in finding skilled representation if you’ve been accused of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, fraud, theft, military drug crimes, or other charges at Shaw AFB that can ruin your reputation and possibly your career. Contact Capovilla & Williams online or call our office today at 404-496-7674 for a free confidential consultation with an expert in military defense law.


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