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Fort Meade, Maryland Military Lawyers 

Located in Maryland, between Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington, DC, Fort Meade has as its primary mission the provision of an array of services to 95 partner organizations from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as to several federal agencies including the National Security Agency, the US Army Recruiting Command, the Defense Information School, the Defense Courier Service, the Army Field Band, and the US Cyber Command.

Military defense attorneys from Capovilla & Williams provide service members at Fort Meade with experienced legal representation in cases that can significantly impact their military records and careers.  Our firm specializes in defending service members of all ranks against allegations typically tried in courts-martial: domestic violence, sexual assault, fraud, possession or sale of drugs, harassment, and more. Representation in administrative matters (such as GOMOR, AR 15-6, and evaluation report rebuttals) or before separation boards is another strong specialty. When you engage Capovilla & Williams’ military defense lawyers, you get access to a team of experts equipped to build you a strong defense.

Court-Martials and Investigations at Fort Meade

Service members of all ranks facing investigation, disciplinary action, or court-martial at Fort Meade regularly hire the experienced military attorneys of Capovilla & Williams to defend them. Our cases range from sexual assault and harassment to positive drug tests, disorderly conduct, failure to obey orders, and AWOL charges. 

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorneys

Military roots run deep at Capovilla & Williams, where our attorneys have served in the past as combat veterans, military prosecutors and defense counsel, and administrative judges.  Our history means we know how investigators across the service branches conduct criminal investigations, and we know how to attack incomplete and unreliable evidence that military investigations often report. Plus we take your defense a step further; we hire our own investigators to identify and verify facts that can strengthen your case. We know the military well but operate outside it —that is, we’re not tied to a chain of command with alliances or motives that can muddy the fact-finding mission. We aim to uncover the truth, secure your fair treatment, and exonerate you.

Let our Fort Meade military justice attorneys help you make a strong defense if you’re facing disciplinary action or court-martial. Having represented hundreds of clients falsely accused of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, fraud, theft, DUI, military drug crimes, and more, we stand ready to help. For a free, confidential consultation with an accomplished Capovilla & Williams military attorney, call our office today at 404-496-7674 or contact us online.

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