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Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Military Lawyers 

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, is the oldest continuously operating military installation west of the Mississippi River. This historical post, noted for its campus setting, open green spaces, and hometown character, is the home of the US Army’s Combined Arms Center (CAC). As a major subordinate headquarters of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, CAC has often been referred to as the “Intellectual Center of the Army.” It is, in many regards, home base for the majority of field grade officers across the Army.

Military defense law firm Capovilla & Williams provides experienced legal representation for military personnel of all ranks at Fort Leavenworth. Our attorneys’ specialty is criminal defense, from minor misconduct charges to full court-martials including domestic violence, assault, and fraud. As former JAG attorneys and military prosecutors, the lawyers at Capovilla & Williams have an insider’s insight into the workings of the military justice system. We call that insight our equipping – it allows us to mount a strong defense for Fort Leavenworth service members who face investigation or court-martial.

Courts-Martial and Investigations at Fort Leavenworth

Fort Leavenworth’s size produces a relatively high volume of courts-martial and military police investigations each year. Not desiring their investigation to get rushed or their defense to get lost in the crowd, service members of all ranks at Fort Leavenworth look to the team at Capovilla & Williams to represent them. Our cases range from accusations of fraud, harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, theft, and drug charges to the sale and possession and positive urinalysis. At Capovilla & Williams, we also represent service members accused of AWOL, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey lawful orders, among other charges.

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorneys

When facing allegations that can lead to an investigation or court-martial, members of our armed forces deserve fair treatment. They should not be subjected to rushed investigations that leave facts in their favor undiscovered or omitted from the record.

At Capovilla & Williams, our mission is to safeguard your rights, uncover what happened, and produce the best possible resolution of your case.  When you retain our expert team of military defense attorneys, your case will not get pushed aside for lack of available manpower.  Our attorneys keep your case front and center until we know we have built the strongest defense possible to secure your exoneration.

Our skilled military defense counsel has represented hundreds of clients accused of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, fraud, theft, military drug crimes, and more. If you’re facing a court-martial, an investigation, or other disciplinary matter, we can help. For a free consultation with a member of our legal team, call our office today at 404-496-7674 or contact us online.  And please remember, all information you provide to us is completely confidential, even you decide not to hire our law firm.


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