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Fort Jackson, South Carolina Military Lawyers 

Fort Jackson is the largest, most active Initial Entry Training Center in the US Army, training 34 percent of all soldiers and 69 percent of the women entering the Army each year. The post’s primary mission is to provide the Army with trained, disciplined, motivated, and physically fit warriors who espouse the Army’s core values and are focused on teamwork. That means preparing in excess of 45,000 basic training and advanced individual training soldiers every year.

Capovilla & Williams provides expert legal defense to the soldiers at Fort Jackson. Our military legal defense attorneys specialize in courts-martial defense, including sexual assault, domestic violence, and all drug-related offenses. We also provide representation on administrative matters such as GOMOR and AR 15-6 rebuttals, OER and NCOER rebuttals, and all administrative separation boards. Hiring our firm allows you to put an experienced and proven team to work on what will most likely be the most important process of your life.

Court-Martials and Investigations at Fort Jackson

Over the years, our law firm has represented service members of various ranks at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  Our cases range from accusations of fraud, harassment, and sexual assault to domestic violence, theft, and drug charges, including sale and possession and positive urinalysis. At Capovilla & Williams, we also represent service members accused of leave violations, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey orders, among other charges.

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorney

At Capovilla & Williams, our staff walks a clear-cut line that works to your benefit. We are combat veterans, former JAG attorneys, and military prosecutors who’ve spent years immersed in military culture. We understand that culture, but also recognize its shortcomings when facts (that favor the accused!) routinely get less ignored due to agendas or alliances in the chain of command.

Our goal is to protect your rights, uncover what happened, and secure fair treatment for you. We’re not afraid to spend the time and resources required to discover facts that busy military investigators can miss. We work until all stones are turned over and the true nature of the situation is determined.

Allegations against you should be dealt with quickly and expertly – especially rebuttals, which are subject to limited windows. For quick action in defense of your character and your career, contact the accomplished military defense lawyers at Capovilla & Williams. We’ll bring to your Fort Jackson, SC case the expertise we’ve acquired in representing service members charged with domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, fraud, theft, drug offenses, and more. Call our office today at 404-496-7674 or contact us online for a confidential consultation.

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