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Fort Hood, Texas Military Attorneys

Nicknamed “The Great Place,” Fort Hood is situated in Texas between the the city of Waco and the state capital, Austin. On this 215,000-acre installation, the Army trains and deploys heavy forces.  

When a Fort Hood service member comes under investigation, faces a court-martial, or receives a GOMOR, “The Great Place” may seem a bit less promising. Designs for advancement can disintegrate, and reputations may crumble. But a criminal investigation or appearance at court-martial doesn’t have to signal the end of your service or your promotability.  

Hope’s not lost, but you will need to take quick action. It’s important to understand your right to rebut reprimands and poor evaluations (and your tight window for doing so). You also deserve fair treatment, which can be difficult to secure in a big, busy military installation like Fort Hood. 

You need an expert who can champion your case. Capovilla & Williams, one of the most experienced groups of military defense attorneys to serve Fort Hood, is that champion. As specialists in courts-martial defense, our attorneys have defended hundreds of service members across the DoD against accusations of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and drug-related offenses. GOMOR and AR 15-6 rebuttals, OER and NCOER rebuttals, and representation before separation boards are a substantial part of our caseload too. Hire our firm to get a team full of attorneys ready to fight your case today.  

Court-Martials and Investigations at Fort Hood 

It stands to reason that Fort Hood’s size generates a high volume of court-martials and military police investigations each year. Not desiring their investigation to get rushed or their defense to get lost in the crowd, service members of varying ranks at Fort Hood have hired the military defense attorneys of Capovilla & Williams to represent them. Our cases range from fraud, harassment, and sexual assault to domestic violence, theft, and drug charges, including sale and possession and positive urinalysis. At Capovilla & Williams, we also represent service members accused of being AWOL, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey orders, among other charges.  

Experienced Fort Hood Military Criminal Defense Attorney  

At Capovilla & Williams, our mission is to protect your rights, uncover what happened, and defend you. Our independent investigators have exception experience uncovering the facts in military cases, and we don’t care what your command or unit leadership thinks. We don’t answer to them. Our military justice attorneys have years of experience as Army prosecutors and defense attorneys. We understand how Army personnel at Fort Hood conducts investigations and court-martials, and we’re there to protect your rights. We aim to ensure that the military treats you fairly. 

Our skilled military defense lawyers have represented hundreds of clients falsely accused of domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, fraud, theft, military drug crimes, and more. If you’re facing a court-martial, an investigation, or a disciplinary matter, we can help. For a free, confidential consultation with an accomplished Capovilla & Williams military attorney, call our office today at 404-496-7674 or contact us online.

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