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Fort Benning in Georgia to Become Fort Moore 

The Name “Fort Hal and Julia Moore” Will Honor the Army Family  

In its work to rename nine military bases that carried the names of officers of the Confederate Army, the Department of Defense charged with the task expanded its options to include non-military individuals and even concepts such as liberty. Fort Benning, an Army post near Columbus, Georgia, will be renamed Fort Moore in honor of Lieutenant General Hal Moore and his wife, Julia Moore; Hal symbolizes the Infantry and Armor warfighting components of the base, while Julia’s name represents Army life, including the sacrifices spouses and children make in support of soldiers. Julia managed the family’s 28 moves during Hal’s 32-year military career and was a lifelong volunteer. Most notably, it was her example that led the Army, and then all branches of the military, to institute the policy of having specially trained uniformed personnel deliver notice to next of kin that a service member had been killed rather than send a notice via telegram or mail. The couple’s five children nominated them for the honor.

Fort Benning (the Future Fort Hal and Julia Moore)

Fort Benning covers 182,000 acres midway along Georgia’s border with Alabama; it has more than 120,000 active-duty military, family members, reserve soldiers, retirees, and civilian employees on a regular basis. It houses the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, which features the Armor School, which trains combat-ready soldiers and leaders. Tenant units at Fort Benning include the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade, the 75th Ranger Regiment, the 98th Training Division, the DOD Close Combat Lethality Task Force, the ARNG Warrior Training Center, and the Army Marksmanship Unit.

Experienced Fort Benning (Fort Moore) Military Criminal Defense Attorney 

If you are serving in the Army at Fort Benning or any other branch of the U.S. military anywhere in the world, the attorneys at Capovilla & Williams are ready to take your case if you are facing criminal charges. We make a personal commitment to our clients’ causes, but we bring much more to the fight: We are veterans ourselves, and we have been both military prosecutors and defense attorneys. We have a strong track record defending soldiers accused of drug crimes, sexual assault, domestic violence, and more. Let us help you by contacting us as soon as you know charges may be filed against you. We will see your case through to court martial if need be, and we will relentlessly pursue the justice you deserve. Contact Capovilla & Williams now.

Our practice areas include:

  • Sexual Assault Defense
  • Domestic Violence and Assault Defense
  • Drug Crimes/Positive Urinalysis Defense
  • BAH Fraud and Travel Voucher Fraud
  • Article 15/Non-Judicial Proceedings
  • Separation Boards
  • Discharge Upgrades
  • ROTC Disenrollment Boards

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorneys 

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