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Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia to Become Fort Walker

Army Base Name Will Honor Civil War Surgeon Dr. Mary Walker

Virginia’s Fort A.P. Hill is one of nine U.S. military installations bearing the names of Confederate officers slated to be renamed following recommendations of a commission of the Department of Defense (DOD). Nominations were open to the public, and each honoree has a significant connection to the community where the base that will bear their name is located.

Fort A.P. Hill will become Fort Walker in honor of Mary Edwards Walker, a volunteer surgeon for the Union Army during the Civil War; she was also held as a prisoner of war by the Confederate Army. Dr. Walker is the only female recipient of the Medal of Honor. Fort Walker will be among the first U.S. Army installations to bear a woman’s name, although more than 15% of Army service members are female. The name change, announced in spring 2022, should occur by the end of 2023.

Fort A.P. Hill (the Future Fort Walker)

Fort A.P. Hill was established in 1941 as an Army training facility. It has also provided field training for Officer Candidate School, a staging area deploying units during the Korean War, and a training center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Today, Fort Hill continues to function as a training center for active and reserve Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force troops. It also houses the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and various government agencies. Fort A.P. Hill covers nearly 76,000 acres, including 28,000 acres devoted to a live fire range complex.

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