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Fort Polk in Louisiana Becomes Fort Johnson

About 22% of active-duty Army soldiers are African American, a rate that is about almost twice their representation in the U.S. population. However, there is not a single military base named in honor of an African American. That changes in 2023, when two Army bases will be renamed to honor three African Americans who served in the Army. One of the bases is Fort Polk in south central Louisiana; it will be renamed in honor of Sgt. William Henry Johnson, an African American who served in World War I and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his service. In all, the Department of Defense will rename nine bases named for Confederate officers in fulfillment of a Congressional mandate.

Fort Polk (the Future Fort Johnson)

Fort Polk, named for Leonidas Polk, an Episcopal bishop and Confederate general, is the largest military installation in Louisiana. The post covers almost 200,000 acres and employs approximately 15,000 soldiers as well as thousands of contractors and civilians. As a Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk provides highly realistic, stressful armed conflict training. Fort Polk is in a region with several wildlife management areas and the Sabine National Forest. Cities, including Lake Charles and Lafayette in Louisiana and Beaumont in Texas, are less than 130 miles away, while beaches on the Gulf of Mexico are about 100 miles away.

In addition to its military functions, Fort Polk is also known for the archaeological sites at the base. The Fort Polk Archaeological Collection has specimens going back to the Paleoindian Period, more than 9,000 years ago.

Experienced Fort Polk (Fort Johnson) Military Criminal Defense Attorney 

If you have trained for combat at Fort Polk, you understand deep in your bones the importance of having a unit with the rock-solid resolve, courage, and skill to achieve the mission. If you are facing criminal charges in the military, your legal team needs the same characteristics and more. Enter the trial litigation firm of Capovilla & Williams—the legal representation you need for what may be the fight of your life. We have a sterling track record representing hundreds and hundreds of soldiers like you at U.S. bases worldwide. Two former Army JAG attorneys founded our firm, and we have experience in the military criminal justice system as both prosecutors and defense attorneys. Do not trust your future to the overworked, understaffed military defense office, where your case may languish at the bottom of a pile while the military prosecutors build their case against you. Contact Capovilla & Williams today for your best shot at a positive outcome.

Our practice areas include:

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  • Article 15/Non-Judicial Proceedings
  • Separation Boards
  • Discharge Upgrades
  • ROTC Disenrollment Boards

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorneys 

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