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Sumter, SC, Military Defense Lawyers

The city of Sumter lies near the geographic center of South Carolina, about 175 miles east of Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and about 100 miles north of coastal Charleston. Features of this community of 40,000 include the University of South Carolina Sumter, numerous parks and playgrounds, and more than a dozen sites on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Sumter Historic District encompassing 62 buildings. Sumter is also home to Shaw Air Force Base (Shaw AFB), one of the largest military installations in South Carolina.

Military Defense Practice Areas

Wherever there is a US military presence—from Shaw AFB to installations around the world—there are service members who find themselves facing disciplinary action or criminal charges. The possibility of a court-martial may loom. If you face such a challenge, the attorneys at Capovilla & Williams are ready to take your case and mount the aggressive, comprehensive defense you deserve. We have successfully defended service members like you in all five branches of the Armed Forces. Thanks to our top-notch investigative team, we have had charges dismissed in many cases. And if the case goes to court-martial, our experience on the other side—as military prosecutors—informs every move we make defending you.

Our practice areas include:

  • Sexual Assault Defense
  • Domestic Violence and Assault Defense
  • Separation Boards
  • Drug Crimes/Positive Urinalysis Defense
  • BAH Fraud and Travel Voucher Fraud
  • Article 15/Non-Judicial Proceedings
  • Discharge Upgrades
  • ROTC Disenrollment Boards

Shaw Air Force Base (Shaw AFB), Sumter, SC 

One of the largest military bases in the US, Shaw AFB is less than 10 miles west-northwest of Sumter. It is named for Sumter County native Lt. Ervin David Shaw, one of the first Americans to fly a combat mission in World War I. Like many military bases in the US, it was activated during World War II; air cadets trained at its flying school. Over the four decades following WWII, most of the US Air Force tactical reconnaissance aircraft aircrews trained at Shaw AFB.

The end of the Cold War in 1990 ushered in many changes in strategy and priorities for the US military. In 1993, the United States Air Force 20th Fighter Wing (20th FW) was reassigned to Shaw AFB, where it is the host unit. The 20th FW is a Ninth AF and Air Combat Command unit, and the F-16 Fighting Falcon is its fighter plane. Other aircraft include C- and D-model block 50 F-16CJ Fighting Falcons. Shaw AFB has more than 8,200 active-duty service members and 1,200 civilian employees, as well as 12,000 family members.

The 20th FW has participated in many operations, including supporting NATO operations during the Kosovo War and providing patrols over Washington, DC, and New York City after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

As host wing at Shaw AFB, the 20th FW is responsible for providing facilities, personnel, and materials for the base’s operations. Groups within the 20th FW include:

20th Operations Group – The 20th FW’s flying component carries out operations using the approximately 80 F-16CJ Fighting Falcon aircraft.

20th Maintenance Group – This group includes squadrons dedicated to aircraft maintenance, components, and equipment and an operations squadron.

20th Mission Support Group – This group supports the military and civilian employees and their family members. It is also responsible for recreational areas and the Poinsett Electronic Combat Range.

20th Medical Group – This outpatient clinic provides ambulatory medical and dental services, 911 Emergency Medical Services, and advanced life support ambulance response and transport.

About a dozen associate units at Shaw AFB include the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and the 609th Air Support Squadron. 

Experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you’re facing criminal charges, court-martial, or disciplinary action—don’t delay—call an experienced Capovilla & Williams military defense specialist today at 404-496-7674 or contact us online. Your initial consultation is free and confidential.

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