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U.S. v. E-7, United States Army

November 30, 2018

Fort Benning, Georgia

Sergeant First Class in the 75th Ranger Regiment, is accused of slamming his wife’s head into a wall two times, choking her, punching her in the face several times, and preventing her from leaving the house. SFC denies the allegations but a police officer who was dispatched to the SFC’s home states that the SFC admitted to the officer that he hit his wife several times which led to his arrest. The police officer also takes pictures at the scene that included dents in a wall and pictures of his wife’s face. The command immediately moves to separate SFC from the Army. SFC immediately retains Mr. Robert Capovilla to represent him. Mr. Capovilla and Mr. Mickey Williams begin working on his case. They discover that the story the client’s wife tells compared to the evidence collected does not match. Nothing in the photographs indicate that the wife was punched several times. They learn that the wife had been caught cheating on her husband numerous times and that most who knew her believed her to be a dishonest person. Capovilla and Williams also discover that client’s wife made a false police report in the past. Only two days before the scheduled hearing, the Government reveals that the wife would not be testifying and instead submitted a letter describing the events that occurred that night. The wife states in her letter that her injuries included knots on her head, hemorrhages in both her eyes, a concussion and bruises all over her body. She also makes additional allegations, including rape. At the hearing Mr. Williams aggressively cross-examines the police officer and elicits how client’s wife displayed virtually no injuries and how the police officer could not clearly recall what happened that night. Williams introduces character statements that describe the wife as dishonest and untrustworthy. He also displays photographs of the wife the day after the incident that demonstrate she suffered none of the injuries she claimed in her letter

Case Result

Allegations UNSUBSTANTIATED. Client is RETAINED. NO Involuntary Separation, NO loss of VA benefits, NO loss of Medical benefits, NO loss of military benefits, NO loss of retirement.

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