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US v. E-4

May 15, 2020

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

The Soldier hired Robert Capovilla when he was accused of sexual assault and communicating a threat to his company and battalion commanders. In total, the Soldier faced 9 different specifications. After allegedly threatening his command, the Government placed the Soldier in pretrial confinement. Mr. Capovilla immediately contacted the military prosecutor, interviewed witnesses, and prepared for the hearing. During the hearing Mr. Capovilla cross examined the Soldier’s company commander and the person who allegedly heard the Soldier make a threat. Mr. Capovilla successfully impeached the company commander several times and showed the hearing officer that the person who allegedly heard the Soldier threaten his command was not a credible witness. After 24 hours of deliberation, the hearing officer released the Soldier from pretrial command. Shortly after the Soldier’s release, all charges against the Soldier were dropped and he was not court-martialed.

Case Result

No courts-martial. No conviction. No sex offender registration. Client released

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