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Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Military Lawyers

Located in the Missouri Ozarks, Fort Leonard Wood is home to the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence, where each year, almost 80,000 military personnel and civilians receive training. The base also develops doctrine and capabilities for the Army’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear School, its Engineer School, and its Military Police School. The Fort also supports an Air Force squadron and a Marine Corps detachment, both located on Fort Leonard Wood. A large Navy Seabee detachment and elements of the Coast Guard train on the base as well. 

Because Fort Leonard Wood is unique, so is its mix of military court cases. The team of military defense lawyers at Capovilla & Williams has vast experience representing service members of all ranks and in all service branches. As former prosecutors and defense counsel in the Army, our attorneys learned the ins and outs of courts-martial trials. Now they draw on that knowledge to defend service members at Fort Leonard Wood accused of sexual assault, theft, domestic violence, drug offenses, fraud, or other conduct that can lead to disciplinary measures or court-martial. They also represent service members appearing before separation boards and facing other administrative matters (GOMOR, AR 15-6, OER, and NCOER rebuttals, most often). In short, our experienced team is ready to fight your case today. 

Court Martials and Investigations at Fort Leonard Wood

Fort Leonard Wood sees a number of serious court-martials and military police investigations each year. There always exists the potential for investigations to be rushed and for the service member’s best interests to get sidelined or steamrolled by an overburdened system. Due in part to those risks, enlisted service members, NCOs, and officers of all ranks at Fort Leonard Wood should hire the very best defense attorneys possible to represent them. In Capovilla & Williams, service members get court-martial defense experts who concentrate on mounting the best defense for their clients. Our dedicated attorneys also represent service members accused of being AWOL, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey orders, among other charges.

Experienced Fort Leonard Wood Military Criminal Defense Attorney

At Capovilla & Williams, our mission is to protect your rights, uncover what happened, and defend you. Our independent investigators have significant experience determining the facts in military cases, and we don’t care what your command or unit leadership thinks. We don’t answer to them. Our military justice attorneys have years of experience as Army prosecutors and defense attorneys. We understand how the Army conducts investigations and court-martial proceedings, and we’re there to protect your rights and advocate for your fair treatment.  Read what prior clients have said about our services here.

Our accomplished team of military practitioners stands ready to build your court-martial defense or represent you in administrative matters. We’ve successfully defended clients across the DoD against a wide array of allegations that could have been career-killers if not handled properly. To discuss your case, call 404-496-7674 or contact us online. Your initial consultation is free and completely confidential.

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